My Life On Bed Rest Since My Water Broke at 21 Weeks, 4 Days (Part 1)

In January, I joyfully announced my pregnancy on this blog. I intended to keep shooting, assisting, consulting, and working just as hard as always for as long as my body would let me. I thought I could make it through 7 months, which would have been mid/late May.

But…my water broke at 21 weeks and 4 days, on April 3rd, 2012. Since then, I’ve been confined to hospital bed-rest, and will be for the rest of my pregnancy. So I won’t be shooting for a while.

When your water breaks before 23 weeks, it’s known as a preterm premature rupture of membranes, or “pre-PROM.” This occurs in only 1% of pregnancies. (So, me and the munchkin are, apparently, super special. I say this to reassure other pregnant readers out there…you most likely don’t need to worry about this happening to you.)

Some of the flowers that have brightened my hospital room! (iPhone 4 / Instagram)

The vast majority of women that experience pre-PROM deliver within 48 hours-1 week, and when delivery occurs before week 23-24, in most cases, the baby cannot survive. In fact, regardless of the delivery date, pre-PROM survival rates are only about 12% – mostly because most women deliver within a couple of weeks of rupture. Babies born very early after pre-PROM might survive, but experience very high risk of complications, particularly with lung development, brain bleeds, joint problems, and heart defects.

Additionally, once prematurely ruptured, moms are at risk for 1) developing infections in the uterus, because there is no longer enough fluid and sealed membranes around the baby to provide a protective barrier between the outside world and the womb; and 2) placental abruption (among other things).

I didn’t know any of this before my water broke. Of all of the things I thought could go wrong with my pregnancy, my water breaking at 21 weeks was not one of them. I did know that conceiving might be difficult for me. I knew that I would require a C-Section because of my history of myomectomy. I knew that my previous LEEP might lead to an incompetent cervix (such a weird term). I knew my chronic fibroid tumors posed risk of miscarriage. But I never knew my water could break so prematurely! And I definitely didn’t know that your water could break without resulting in immediate labor.

Eiger visits me at the hospital! He pulled my chair around like a sled dog. (iPhone 4 / Instagram)

The night I ruptured, I was just sitting at my desk. Nothing out of the ordinary. I knew my water had broken; there was no doubt because I lost so much fluid. Instead of panicking, I got very calm, like people do in a crisis. I called my doctor, who told me to go to the ER. I called my husband, changed my clothes, put a key under the mat, made sure the animals were okay, and drove myself to the hospital. I held myself together until I was at the admitting desk inside the ER, at which point, the tears came. I was admitted to Labor and Delivery, and I thought that I’d be delivering our baby that night, knowing it couldn’t survive.

Miraculously, today is the one month anniversary of my hospitalization! I am still pregnant – almost 26 weeks! The baby is growing normally, the heartbeat is strong and healthy, and my fluid levels are sufficient enough for the doctors to be optimistic that our baby can do okay. Our goal and prayer is to make it through at least 28 weeks, but preferably 34. If I make it to 34, the doctors will schedule a C Section, because at that point, the risks of staying pregnant start to outweigh the benefits to the baby.

Since being hospitalized, I’ve been administered antibiotics (first via IV, then orally), have regular exams, weekly ultrasounds, twice-daily heartbeat and contraction monitors. I was transferred from Integris Baptist to OU Children’s Hospital (where they have more high-risk expertise – my first ambulance ride!), and I have “bathroom privileges” (this term is hilarious to me; am I in jail? Detention? :)) which means I can use the restroom and take showers. I can take short jaunts around the hospital in wheelchair with my husband. Otherwise, I am supposed to stay in bed.

Out of bed for a "mini" baby shower to replace the postponed/canceled version with college friends Amy, Heather, and Kate. Thanks for the yummy cupcakes, ladies. Among the 8,000 other amazing things you did that weekend. 🙂 (Leica D-Lux 4)

Bed-rest would be much harder if not for two main factors: 1) I am doing it for someone else – the baby. If I had to do it for myself, it would be mind-numbingly awful. 2) We have great friends and family that are sharing the load with us. Early on, one of my friends, while visiting, said “there are a lot of blessings in this, Holly.” After overcoming the initial desire to punch her in the face, I was able to see how true that is.

There are times in life when people just show up, and when you realize how loved you are. This is one of those times. Cards, visitors, care packages, flowers, books, magazines, games, movies, pedicures, meals in the freezer, laundry, arranging housecleaning, dog sitting, lattes, fresh fruit, candy, homemade pillows, girly toiletries, even a hospital-room haircut…just a sampling of the ways we’ve been blessed with during this experience. Most of all, we are buoyed by the prayers of a great community, many of whom we don’t even know, all over the US and even world. For all of these blessings, we are more thankful than we could ever express.

Without that support, the fear and stress would be overwhelming. The emotional roller coaster has been tough on both of us. First, fears of losing the baby. Then, fears that the baby will have lifelong disabilities. Initially, every time I was strapped onto the baby monitors, we had anxiety about the results, paranoia about every irregularity we heard. And in contrast, an enormous sense of relief and victory at the end of each day because I didn’t go into labor.  And, oh, the horrible guilt: I shouldn’t have tried to get pregnant because of my health history…Nathan only has to go through this because he married me…It’s my fault. Etc. Grief that this will probably be my only pregnancy, and then more guilt about that, for Nathan’s sake. Worry that our dog will think I abandoned him. Sadness about not having baby showers, about not being able to decorate a nursery and put together baby stuff with Nathan, or strut around 9-months pregnant in cute maternity clothes.

Me and Nathan snuggled up in my hospital bed. I have the best, most supportive, loyal, thoughtful, compassionate, husband in the world. It's true. I am lucky and I know it. (Leica D-Lux 4)

Every day, though things have gotten easier. Each week is a major milestone. The doctors agree that we’ve beaten the odds; one even said “I think the kid will probably be okay.” So, until this baby decides to make its entrance, it’s one-day-at-a-time. We are so overwhelmingly grateful for the support and encouragement we’ve received, and so thankful that this child will be able to have a chance at a healthy life. I am painfully aware that it doesn’t end this way for everyone. I don’t know why we are the recipients of a miracle. But it makes me even more excited to meet our little one, and see where our lives go together. Little “RC” (our nickname, derived from the first initials of our favorite boy/girl names) is so very loved already, and will be so joyfully welcomed into this world by so many people who have been cheering him/her on since April 3rd. We can’t wait to introduce RC to you! – Just not quite yet.

Keep praying for us!



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I am Holly Baumann Ambuehl, a commercial and portrait photographer based in Central Illinois. My blog posts feature client work, but I just love to write, so I also write about owning a business, food and drink, travel, and my personal life! I am always honored when clients trust me to capture their vision, and equally so when my readers converse with me about what I've photographed or expressed here. I hope we'll have an opportunity to collaborate professionally and/or become friends. I'd love to hear what you think! - Holly
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81 Responses to My Life On Bed Rest Since My Water Broke at 21 Weeks, 4 Days (Part 1)

  1. Naddia says:

    I am in a similar boat. My water broke at 20 weeks 2 days ( I started to leak I believe a few days prior). Currently, I am 26 weeks and 6 days. My son was last weighed two weeks ago, and weighed 1lb….where he should be. He’s growing fine and always has a great heartbeat. Other than the fact that he has a very small pocket of fluid in there with him, he continues to produce fluids and fight. Doctors once advised me to not expect anything positive… 1 week shy of 2 months after my water broke, I have a healthy baby boy with a great heartbeat, and a long thick cervix that says he and I will be glued together until the time is right to unstick us. Iook forward to being induced at 34 weeks! I was told two weeks ago that my son was breach, and due to low fluids likely would not turn around. I had an ultrasound last week… son is transverse (laying side ways). My boy is turning despite the odds the docs Rare throwing at him. I know he will be just fine. 7 more weeks to go! Keep fighting mommy’s…if your baby isn’t giving up, neither should you. Best wishes and baby kisses to you all 💜


  2. Brittany says:

    It has been a few years since this has happend to you.. what was the outcome.. I am 21weeks today and my water broke 3 days ago.. I was told to terminate or go home and wait it out..


  3. ciara says:

    Good to read. Similar story and slowly but surely getting there. Had myomectomy in October 2014, was 22 weeks when my waters broke. Still here at 26 + 3 and praying to get to 28+1! It’s definitely stressful but we’ll worth the confinement. Every day is a blessing and delighted to be here every day! Baby is doing well… active, strong heartbeat and weight slightly above so hoping to reach the 2lbs for my scan on Monday! Prayers and fingers crossed for everyone on here 🙂


  4. Adriana Valle says:

    boy am I relieved , thank you Holly for this blog it was very comforting, I have been leaking fluid since about 22 weeks and no one could figure out whether it was really fluid… the first time I went to the doctor he said it was a uniary tract infection and he gave me some antibiotics , thereafter it just got worse.. i went back to er and then i was check with the specturm and they did not see anything .. they sent me home…my urine was bloody every night , I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom I was up every 15 mins rushing to the bathroom because I would feel the sudden gushes and its embrassing but sometimes I barely even made it to the rest room… doctor sent me to a urigoloists and funny thing is I had no blood in my urine that day . he said are you sure its not from down there and that’s when I started second guessing everything everyone was telling me I’m just like someone has to be wrong here because I’m not going crazy! …. finally I went to see a maternal high risk doctor and she checked the baby fluids which was extremely low she said I don’t know how they even let you out the hospital… she immediately put me on an ambulance and sent me to a good hospital with a great NICU … as you I was scared and crying I thought my baby was going to be delivered right then… when I got here doctors assured me I was not giving birth that day and they Immediately determined what it was.. silly huh? this is at 29 weeks so from 22-29 I was jus leaking fluid thinking knowing it was not normal but everyone telling me it was… now I’m 30 weeks ive only been here one week and I’m going crazy 4 more weeks to go… wish me luck!


  5. Stacy Mulligan says:

    This is a great story and one that I’ve re-read several times now. My waters broke at 22wks + 1 day. I was admitted to the hospital that morning and the outlook was very grim. My husband and I decided to leave it in God’s hands. We went home and I started bedrest as the hospital didn’t want me to check in until closer to 24 weeks if I made it that long. I did check into the hospital at 23wks + 4 days and started antibiotics immediately along with the steroid shots. I’m beyond blessed and happy to say that it’s been 42 days since my waters broke and both the baby and I are stable. I’m 28wks + 1 day today and feeling so much love for our little guy who is fighting so hard for us. If nothing changes (no infection or pre term labor) they will induce me at 34wks. I’m already very proud of him and so in love.

    Hang on all you mamas out there, keep fighting for your babies and don’t give up!


  6. Jocelyn Paclib says:

    I love your story it is giving me confidence that my baby can hang on for a while longer. My wafter broke on Sept. 23 2015. I am currently on 23.2 weeks today Sept. 29 2015. I hope she can hold on for a while longer so thatbshe can have a better chance. Thank you for sharing your story and that I got a chance to read about.


  7. Brenda Radtke says:

    hi! Just read your article. This minute our daughter was admitted to hospital. She is 21-22 weeks pregnant. Her water broke. So it was somewhat encouraging to read this now. Don’t know if her baby will survive. She has had several miscarriages before and she does have 2 children 8 and 5. We are driving up to get the kids now. So pray for Katie. I sure hope this baby survives. Only the Lord know and I believe HE can make this precious miracle survive but if it HiS will we will know that all things do work together for Good! Thanks for this bit of info too because it has helped us understand what is going on or all the what ifs and so we patiently wait the outcome 😢


  8. Ceiera says:

    Thank you holly reading this has gave me so much hope, I am pregnant with twin girls and baby b’s water broke at 17 weeks and I was admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks then they let me go, I am 24 weeks and 5 days now and I go to see doctor’s that specialize in pprom and sept 11th I will be admitted to the hospital until I deliver, the doctor’s want me to make it to 28-32 weeks so im praying that I can. I went yesterday to get my first dose of steriod shots since baby b has low fluid and is on the smaller side, and I loose fluid every day and I will until babies are born. But just reading about your experience has gave me hope because I hate hospitals and especially having to stay cooped in one for 8+ weeks is gonna be hard but for my girls, I dont mind..


  9. Jessica says:

    Thank you Holly for your ability to give hope to myself and so many. Our waters broke at 21 weeks and 1 day. We have heard nothing but the worst outcomes. I have been in hospital for 4 days so far and they expect me to stay minimum 1 week as this is the highest risk time for infection. I have lost fluid each night and have had some light bleeding and spotting and each time that happens I pray harder but fear the worst. I have 23 month old twins at home with my husband and I miss them dearly. Thankfully the obs here are being super cautious with their antibiotics and keeping me on bed rest. But the one thing that is hard is until 24 weeks they care only about the mum and not at all about the baby as it is “non-viable” until then.

    Please, if you are reading this pray for us that our baby will survive and get to meet it’s older sisters.


  10. jasonraicdn says:

    Thank you for this great post, currently I am in the hospital and at 23 weeks into my pregnancy. My amniotic sac leaked/ ruptured and I am on bed rest currently. Does anyone know if the amniotic sac will replenish itself? And if it does how much aniotic fluid is reproduced?

    Also does anyone know what happens if the amniotic sac is completely depleted of any fluid?

    Thank you


  11. Elexis B. says:

    Hello Holly,
    I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for your story and posts about something so personal and hard for you and your family. I am a mother of 3 healthy beautiful children 13,10,9 all were safe and healthy babies and deliveries. My husband and I recently had some great news when we found out were we expecting, so shocked but extremely happy. Our situation right now has had me and him going up and down. I recently had turned 20 weeks when I woke up, with bloody vaginal discharge, I called my doctor and something he thought was just a yeast infection turned into very scary situation. Upon arrival at hospital they had discovered that I had ruptured membranes, I continued to leak for a week, and the following 7th day my water bag was out and had to be ruptured. I am currently sitting at 10 days strict hospital bed rest, I have been on if fluids and antibiotics, ultrasounds twice a week, and daily doctor visits. My ultrasound just yesterday revealed that the baby has no fluids. I am 3/4 cm dilated have been since I arrived ten days ago so I am at high risk. I have many family and friends that have been supporting me just I feel scared and worried every time the Drs ame nurses says something about my child not having a chance. Right now my dr has high hopes to try and get me to 23 weeks to be able to give me steroid injections. I just am so happy about your miraculous story and give you such applause for you’re preserveranace to stay strong. Your are an angel and I am happy for you and your family and your miraculous child’s life.


  12. Nicole says:

    This post helped me so much. Thank you for sharing! I’m 19 weeks with two survivors after we lost a triplet. I think I’m in a similar situation. 3 yrs of remission after cervical cancer, and a wildly incompetent cervix. After funneling to nothing, I was put on bed rest a second time (cerclage not holding). My water broke for baby A an hour later. Baby B is still swimming. They are both doing great, but I’m a mess. I pray they’ll last in there another 6-8 weeks, but the doctors aren’t hopeful at all. This post made me hope!


    • Nicole, Thanks for sharing your story, I will be praying for you guys. It’s a long road ahead, no matter what. Take on day at a time, and stay off your feet and pound the water so your fluids keep replenishing!! I am so sorry for your loss already. Keep me posted. xoxo


  13. Jessica Avina says:


    Thank you for posting this blog. My husband past away a month ago and left out 5 year old, 15 month old, and our 22 week baby on the way. I experienced contractions and back pain a few days ago. It turned out that my cervix is short and was placed on bed rest until my baby is term. Its good to hear the stories and it gives me hope that our little one on the way will be OK. I will keep all of you mommies and babies on the way experiencing this, in my prayers, may we all pull thru and enjoy our little ones.

    God Bless!


  14. Grisel flores says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog on google I just got admitted to the labor and delivery at 22 weeks my water just broke ob didn’t give me the best news of what would happen next but the nurses did and me being a googler googled to see if anybody has gone thru what I’m now going threw … Your blog just raised my hopes up even more I believe in God and I now God won’t let a throng happen to us first thing I asked the triage nurse was is my baby heart beat still there and she said yes … In March I had a still born at 20 weeks was the worst feeling I have 3 boys all born at 30-32 weeks made it thru nicu successfully my oldest is now 13 yrs old … With this pregnancy I had a procedure called a cerclage at my 2 week up check up my cervix was shortening and was told bed rest and yesterday my cervix was very short at 6 cm … Now I’m in complete bed rest in the hospital but I don’t mind staying all for the sack of my baby surviving … Again thank you for your post!!! God bless!!!


  15. kelly says:

    My water broke at 22 weeks. I was on bed rest for 10 daughter was born at 32 was the longest 10 weeks of my life, being in that bed, but it was definitely worth it.. Family and friends were my saviors. I don’t know what i would of done without them.


  16. brooke loren says:

    My water broke on Dec 3, I was 22 weeks and 6 days. I have now been hospitalized 16 days. I have had placental abruption, subchorionic hemmoraghing and I’m still pregnant. But I am going crazy I’m so far away from friends and family its hard for people to visit. I’m now 26 weeks and 3 days. I am 24 and had two normal pregnancies before this, and I’m scared. I am not sure what to do.


    • Hi Brooke! I am sorry you have to go through all of this so far from your support system! That would make it extra difficult. Try to take one day at a time and stay in bed and stay positive! Picture yourself caring for a healthy baby at home in the future. There isn’t much you can do-read books, play Words With Friends or Draw With Friends to feel connected. 🙂 Get to know your nurses, they will become friends. There’s a long road ahead one way or another, and it will be an easier road if you stay pregnant longer. I know it is so hard! Hang in there! Keep me posted. I had a chronic abruption with 5 bleeding episodes and made it to 28 weeks 6 days.


  17. Niki says:

    Was so relieved and glad to find your blog. My water broke at 19/2 weeks and I will be 20 weeks tomorrow. I am overwhelmed with it all and worried. Reading about you experiencing it all makes me have more hope. I also have a 2 year old at home which makes it harder to rest and he doesn’t understand why I can’t play like we used to. If we make it to 24 weeks I will be in a hospital that is an hour and forty-five minutes away from family and friends. Leaving my son and fiancé and not seeing them daily is going to be hard. Praying god can help me find comfort in that I am doing what’s best for our sweet little one on the way. Thank you again for your blog. It has given me hope.


    • Niki, Thanks for your note. I have been praying for and thinking of you and your baby – and the rest of your family! I am sure it is so hard with another little one at home! I can’t imagine. Hang in there, and take one day at a time! For your 2 year old, set aside guilt, and just let him enjoy movies, read books, get a Leapfrog tablet (Rawley LOVES his), give him an old iPhone turned into an iPod with music and games (Rawley likes free Angry Birds, the Thomas the Train game, and we added a couple movies too, like a Barney episode). Don’t be shy about asking for help from people around you. Even consider a local church preschool program that offers a two-year old class; then you know he is getting some social and play time and you get a mental break. And most of all, STAY IN BED! It helps…it’s hard, but it is so important!! Please keep me posted. You will get through this. xoxo


      • Niki says:

        Thank you for the reply and encouragement. My 80 year old grandmother has been my saving grace with my son. He loves her as much as I did as a child. She has this amazing ability with all children. Looking into a daycare for a few days a week which will help him too. He loves other children. He’s coming along with my condition and enjoys reading and chill time with me and outside/playtime with Daddyand other family members. Still hanging in there for now. Friday I will be 21 weeks. Thanks again for the reply and support.


      • You are welcome-hope you are still hanging in there. Xoxo


  18. Carrie says:

    Hi Holly. I found your story while searching for mom’s stories of pPROM. My experience began much as yours did, only this is my 7th baby and I have had NO problems with my pregnancies or births so far. This little guy has been totally different though!

    I started out with a miscarriage scare at 10 weeks. Bleeding, cramping all night and fluid loss. I was shocked to find baby survived that. The same thing happened several weeks later. Then at 21 weeks my water broke. I spent several days in the hospital then was sent home on bedrest.

    Today is one week of keeping baby cooking – 22 weeks along now and hoping for the best. I’m so grateful that moms like you have shared their stories to give the rest of us hope. Your NICU post has also been helpful to prepare me for what likely lies ahead.


  19. Kathy says:

    Holly, Thank you for sharing your experiences with the birth of your son. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters. My husband and I wanted more children, but for 13 years there were none. The month of my 40th birthday, I became pregnant. I didn’t know I was pregnant until almost 8 weeks. I passed a large blood clot with lots of blood and decided to go to my doctor. They told me I was probably not pregnant but they did a blood test to be sure. I was pregnant, and thrilled even at my old age 😉 I wanted this baby, and envisioned my teenage daughters being part of the delivery and this baby’s life. Everything was fine until 15 weeks. I started experiencing a lot of pain. I suffered through the weekend then went to the dr on Monday. An ultrasound showed that some fibroid tumors, that I didn’t know I had, had doubled in size. The pain subsided and everything seemed to be fine. I prepared for the start of a new school year. I am a pre-k teacher. On the 2nd day of school I wet my pants. At least I thought I wet my pants. I thought, well this is what 40 and pregnant is like :/ I continued to have what I thought was incontinence until my 20 week ultrasound. We were so excited to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. My whole family came with me. The technician was unable to determine the sex…turns out there was no fluid. I was sent back to my dr’s office, where she concluded that my water had indeed broken. She sent me directly to a high risk dr for another ultrasound. My baby was perfect and very strong and healthy, but there was just no water left. They sent me home to drink lots of fluids and wait for either preterm labor or infection. I was home for 4 days. My baby kicked multiple times everyday. It was heart wrenching knowing that my baby was alive and would probably die. I ended up with a terrible infection and preterm labor. At the hospital my baby was born within 30 minutes of arrival. She was breech, and born beautiful, tiny, and alive. I held her with a broken heart as my husband and daughters cried around me. I felt strong that day…but had no anesthetic and a traumatic placenta removal. I had to be strong for my family, but inside I was crushed. I had given birth to another daughter who I could never mother. She was gone so quickly after she arrived. I went home without my baby, planned her funeral, and dealt with the breast milk that had no purpose. This experience has changed me forever. My heart has enlarged for other mothers who have or are struggling with preterm infant experiences. I am so happy for your more positive outcome. I had the pleasure of teaching a student who was born at 29 weeks, and he was an absolute joy! My students, friends, and family were very supportive, unfortunately people are very guarded about reaching out in this kind of situation. This is another thing I learned from this experience. I wanted to be proud of my baby. I wanted to share her with others. She was born…she was real, and she was mine. I hope that my story can help even one other person. I thank God for his mercy and love, and for giving me my precious daughter…Lydia.


    • I am honored that you’d share this personal journey with me! I have no words for your loss. I wish it had ended differently for you and Lydia. I can only imagine the pain you’ve experienced. I will keep you and your precious family in my prayers. xoxo Holly


  20. Topistar says:

    Hi there, so encouraging to read these positive stories, on 17 March 2014, I had some pain not knowing these were contractions at 21 weeks. The following day, I went to work as normal. Afternoon, it became worst so I called my midwife. When I went home and midwife checked, she Said I had dilated so I was referred to hospital. Arriving at the hospital, the doctor said my cervix was already open and the baby might come out anytime. It was a shock to me and my husband as the week before we had the 20 weeks check up and everything was ok. I was put on pills to stop contractions so they can give some stitches. Unfortunately, that same night my water broke and they stopped everything. As I write now I am just in the hospital bed praying and hoping for the best. Everyday they check the baby’s heartbeat and it’s still ok. The doctors told me to stay in hospital bed rest and see if the baby survives under these conditions until 23 weeks then they will look into other options. But I am still losing some water. Today since afternoon I am having so much pain and the doctor said it might be contractions and might go into labour anytime. I am still positive that our baby will make it to the end, though not easy to be in this situation. Please pray for us.


  21. che says:

    Hi…i read your story. I’ve been on line for the last 2 days trying to find out as much as I can about pre prom I am currently on bed rest and the hospital I came in yesterday or the full membrane rupture this is my second day in the hospital I am currently 22 weeks and 3 days I have only a little support from my boyfriend and friends no support for my mother or family. I have 2 children at home. Your story gave me some hope all though i know the risk of delivering before 24 weeks. For now my goal is to make it day to day and god willing to 24 weeks.


  22. stellah says:

    im worried nmy water broke at 19 scared


  23. Wendy says:

    It was 2 years nov 20, since I delivered my angel Kain at 22 weeks. My water broke nov 10, 2011, I went to emergency and the dr told me even though my baby boy was ok, strong heartbeat there was nothing that could be done- labour would be induced and Kain would not survive! So while he was trying to contact my husband I got on my cell to the Lois hole hospital for women, after explaining everything they told me to go there right away! So as soon as my husband arrived we left the first hospital, 3 hr drive to the city…. Was examined and told to go home and return in the morning for an ultrasound. I had hope! So on remembrance day we drove an hour to hospital for ultrasound,,, all went well baby was healthy I was sent home for a week to rest & drink fluids. The water still hadn’t built up by the next ultrasound but baby was still going strong so I was sent home again until next appointment and his heart was checked he had everything going for him except no water was building up. On the night of the 18th I was in so much pain all night but just rested, am unsure now why I didn’t rush to hospital. Pains subsided the next morning so I kept drinking water and resting, if there is such thing as rest at home? I’m not sure If I actually rested enough knowone told me to be on bedrest, so I wasn’t. The night of the 19th I noticed a sign of infection which they had told me to watch for. After calling I was told to come right in. That’s been the beginning of my nightmare, I had infection; so labour was induced and there was no hope for my baby boy Kain! His heartbeat was still so strong that night and now he’s gone from me for forever! I’m sure I’d been in shock since the visit with the first dr and now I’m questioning why I did not do more…. Why didn’t they hospitalize me and provide me with fluids and antibiotics? At least just to see if there would be an improvement with the fluids! Two years later I’ve all these unanswered questions and am still so heartbroken!
    But am so happy for you and all moms who was given the proper treatments to save their bundles of joy. You are so very lucky! Thank you for sharing your story, I’m just wishing now I’d come across something like this at that time, maybe I would have insisted that more be done.


    • amina says:

      Hi dear wendy! I’m in the same situation as you. My water broke last week at 18 weeks. I went to lois hole hospital and was sent home saying there is nothing could be done and to come back within a week for another scan. I went again yesterday but the fluid didn’t build up. I just wish they tried something. I had asked for antibiotics and they refused to give me any. I was sent home again for another week. I’m so nervous about getting an infection.


      • wmacrae says:

        Oh my! I hope all goes well for you! Stay in bed, drink lots!!! Have you seen dr Jain? I’m 23wks with baby girl, all is going well so far but still terrified!
        Feel free to email me,
        I know the horror you’re going thru, wishing you and baby the best! xo


  24. Hikari rain says:

    Thank you i read your blog, i had a contraction on my 24 weeks, and now i’m on my 32 weeks pregnancy , i actually experienced the way you did.. Hope we can make it, i know we can make it coz mothers are strong ! Good to us and our baby ^_^


  25. Francisca says:

    God bless you for sharing your experience with us all. My water just broke yesterday at 23 weeks, 3 days and I am currrently on admission. I was really encouraged after reading your post. After losing 3 babies (at 20weeks and 26 weeks-twins) due to this same medical condition, I gave up on this baby yesterday. But I thank God I read your post. I will keep praying and hopeing for the best. Thank you.


    • Thank you! My heart is so heavy for you. I am sorry you’ve experienced so much loss. I will be praying that the outcome is a joyful one this time! Stay positive. Keep me posted! xo Holly


    • Francisca says:

      Holly, I am scared now. I started having fever, abdomial cramps and bloody discharge with clots . Did you experience any of these? I am on antibiotics ( iv and oral) and baby heart beats indicates he is well. Doctor has not given any steroids and baby care in nicu in Ghana is not that advanced so I am relying greatly on God to keep my baby safe.


  26. Lauren says:

    Thanks for your reply holly 🙂 my waters level did go down to 0.5 and that was 5 weeks ago I had a scan on the 18th and it had gone up 2.0 which I was quite shocked about ! Thankyou for your advice, and for the tips when his nicu 🙂 I will deffo keep you posted ! Thanks again x


  27. Lauren says:

    Hello my names Lauren i live in england, I came across your story while looking for advice as my water broke at 21 weeks and 1 day, I got kept in hospital for a week an half when it first happened and after that I’ve only been in over night once and then a Friday till Monday, I haven’t had any antibiotics as I haven’t shown any signs of infection part from once which they then came straight down ! The aim. Was to get me to 24 weeks I past it I’m 28 weeks on Tuesday but now there trying to get me to 32 weeks. My main concern is my little boys lungs ? As his healthy in everything else, how was your little boys lungs and how long we’re you in nicu for ?? Thank you for reading 🙂


    • Hi Lauren! Congratulations on making it this far! That is awesome!! 32 would be even better! Yes the lungs are the concern…what is your fluid volume? I managed to maintain between 2-5 cubic centimeters after my water broke. That helped. I drank water constantly and stayed in bed all the time! 🙂 No soda and only 1 cup of coffee. Rawley is extremely healthy considering what could have been! His lungs were small at birth – they should extend to your 12th rib, but his only went to his 8th rib. He was given surfactant and ventilated at birth for 12 days then was on oxygen for about 3 weeks after he came home. He was in the NICU for 62 days, and had no major issues and no surgeries. The only procedure he had was 1 transfusion. Now, you’d never know he was a sick preemie! He is loud and very active! Doesn’t slow him down at all! He has gotten croup three times since the NICU and that is scary but we know what to do. So, be encouraged! You may have a long journey ahead with NICU and preemie issues (like night feedings much later than normal!) but there is hope for a very healthy baby! Keep me posted. Holly


  28. Andrea Schlemmer says:

    Hey there, I know its an old post but I was just looking around at information on pPROM and found this. I ruptured at 21 weeks also, was on bed rest at home until 24 weeks, and I’ve been in the hospital on bed rest since. This Sunday I will have made it to 34 weeks and the Dr’s are planning the c-section for Monday. Expections are high for my little man and I hope it wasn’t inappropriate to share my experience.


  29. Andrea A says:

    I am unsure now how I even found your site, but I am sitting here in tears from reading this, not out of sadness but just overwhelmed with hope! I was having such a normal and “easy” pregnancy and found out at 21 weeks 3 days that I had a rupture and lost nearly all of my fluid. It has now been a little over a week and I have struggled to stay positive with the odds and statistics that my doctor has shared. Your story has made me feel absolutely hopeful and I can’t describe how grateful I am to have stumbled onto your blog! I have a feeling I will be reading and re-reading your words to get through this. I have never given up prayer or faith in my little Annabel! She is a fighter and I hope that we can receive a miracle as well! Thank you!


    • Andrea, I am glad you found my post and are encouraged! I have a few more posts, too, of you scroll ahead to future ones, about our journey and our son. Know that you have a long road ahead, but keep your eyes on the prize! Stay positive, accept visitors, stay in bed, drink a ton of water! The NICU is tough, so try to take one day at a time. Keep me posted on how you and Annabell are doing! Let me know if you have more questions.


  30. Janine says:

    Hey Holly. I couldn’t find another blog entry as to when you delivered. I had pprom at 24 weeks and I’m now 29/2 still on hospital bedrest. Can you let me know how long it was for you? Thanks for sharing your story…its definitely helpful and inspiring. 🙂


    • Hi, Janine, Glad you reached out! You are doing GREAT! Keep the faith! I delivered at 28 weeks, 6 days, and our son is perfect! He has small lungs, and has had to go back for quick hospital visits a couple times from getting small repiratory illnesses, but is doing so, so well and NO ONE can ever tell he was a preemie now! So don’t give up! 🙂 The NICU will probably be a long road, unless you stay preggers until week 34, which maybe you will, since you made it so far already! But try to take one day at a time, and know that it is always two steps forward, one step back in the NICU. You will eventually go home with your baby. Please keep me posted. You can read more about our story here:, here: and here: Let me know if you have any other questions! Holly


      • humberto says:

        My wife is 21 weeks and 3 days, her water broke today at 1:15 pm, went to ER and were told that she had lost all her fluid and that baby had no chance to survive at this stage of pregnacy. We were devastated as were told she was likely to give birth at any time. My wife has no pain, no contractions. and had a cerclage surgery back on 7/22 with no other reactions. We have 3 other beutiful children but it’s hard to accept that our surprise blessing at our late 30’s they’re not giving us any hopes. Now I’m here at the hospital room with her thinking of what their plan will. Wether they’re really setting us on the idea that nothing can be done at this point and have us to resignate. I wonder as her husband and a father what to do or ask next. Any advice will be appreciated. I’m so glad you made it trough out that challenging journey. And have your baby with you. Blessings for you any your family. Thanks…


      • Hi there and sorry for the delay in my response! How is your wife and baby? I have been thinking of you and praying for a good outcome. I know how difficult the situation is and how lost you must feel. They are right; there isn’t much you can do but wait and pray. We were given the same dismal odds; the night my water broke, they told us that we had a 1-5% chance of having a healthy baby, and suggested terminating. Without knowing what’s transpired for you the past few days, I am not sure what to say that might be helpful, other than sending my hopes and prayers for your entire family. Please let me know the latest and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Holly


  31. Jeanie says:

    Hi Holly- I have just read your story and am so inspired. I have just began my long journey. I had no inspiration or hope until I found you. I have hope because of you and read your story over and over. I am in the exact same boat as you were in my water broke at 21 weeks and 5 days. I am now on day 4 in the high risk unit and pray for more days to come. I didn’t even know we could make it this far that scary night when we arrived at the hospital. Thank you for sharing your journey and I look forward to read more inspiring news from you. You are an angel to me. – Jeanie


    • Hi, Jeanie! How are you today? Hang in there! Stay positive, stay in bed, think happy thoughts, think about your child running around healthy and happy one day. I will be cheering you on! Please keep me posted. I am most certainly not an angel, but happy to know that sharing my story beings hope and light to others. At the time of writing, I was just trying to cope. It is wonderful to know that as a side effect, I’ve encouraged others. Our son is doing very well and while you have a long road ahead of you, you can do it! Eyes on the prize. xoxo, Holly


  32. Shakita says:

    I feel sooooo much better after reading this! My water broke at 29 weeks 4 days. I’m guessing, due to a vaginal infection. Also, I’d just found out, earlier in the week that I’m, permanently, Diabetic. I’m 31 weeks, today, but I’ve been feeling so miserable and melancholy. My amniotic fluid is extremely low. I was given steroids and antibiotics for the last week. I haven’t had any contractions,
    though. The doctors are hoping that the baby will still inside until 34 weeks, at least. With my fluid being dangerously low, and I’m still losing more and more
    everyday, the risk of infection increases, everyday. Luckily, I got my bathroom “privileges” back. They were worried that the umbilical cord would come out first if I were standing or something. This is really driving me crazy, though. I’m sooooo worried. I think that you’re a
    super woman for hanging in there, for
    so long. Congratulations on your little
    Honey Bee, Rawley. =)


  33. Elena Reed says:

    Hello Holly!
    I really enjoyed reading your story because mine is almost the exact same one! my water broke at 21 weeks and 4 days too 2 months ago, and i am still in the hospital on bedrest. I went through all these faces you describe in your story, worrying about the baby and really hoping to make it to 28 weeks.
    Today I am 30 weeks and 3 days. We are waiting until 34 weeks too, so 3.5 more weeks to go!
    So i was wondering how everything went for you and your baby? How were your baby’s lungs? That is my biggest concern right now for my baby… How many weeks were you when you delivered?
    Thank you for your post again!

    Elena Reed.


    • Hi Elena, how are you? Are you still on bedrest? Congrats on making it so far! That is AMAZING!! If not, how is your baby doing? I delivered our son at 28 weeks, 6 days. Rawley is doing miraculously well. His lungs are small (at birth, went to his 8th rib instead of his 12th), but you’d never know to look at him! He was in the NICU for 62 days, had one transfusion and no surgeries. I wrote about our NICU experience as well on this blog, you can find later posts by searching under the category “my family” or just do a word search under Rawley. He just turned one year old, and is still a bit delayed with motor and speech but catching up rapidly. Overall, very healthy and no major red flags. Happy to talk to you more if you ever want to just email me privately, I will shoot you my phone number! xo, Holly


  34. Shaneatta says:

    I am currently on hospital bed rest at 22 weeks and 5 days… my water is ruptured and there is still a lot of fluid around my baby girl… after reading this post, I feel so much better about being here. I will hang in there for me and my little girl. She will be great. Its in Gods hands and hopefully this all works in favor of my family and God


  35. Barbara Harris says:


    I apologize for not getting word to you sooner. I’m new to this whole facebook, blogging stuff and if I can’t find stuff easy and fast, I just don’t bother. Well – I just was reading these attachments when wha-la here I find a place to start writing to you. At least, I hope I did!

    Anyways, what an increditble journey! I have laughed and I have cried as I’ve read your blog.. God has special plans for that little boy and you and Nathan as well. Believe me, I know how exhausting, physically and emotionally, these hospital times are. You begin to feel as if you should be given an honorary degree in medicine for the wealth of informatiion that you are learning.

    Just know that you, Nathan and your little one are in my prayers and will continue to be until you bring him home.

    God bless,
    Barbara Harris


  36. Jennifer Tingley says:

    Holly & Nathan- My sister (Tracy Lester) posted your blog on her Facebook page so I read your story! As a mother of three your story has touched me! Your optimism is not only amazing for others close to you but for that precious life inside you! Holly I do not know you personally and I’ve met Nathan at my sister’s wedding, however you will be in my thoughts as your pregnancy continues! I had a brief scare with each of my pregnancies, in particular with my 2nd son. I began to bleed at 24 weeks for reasons I still do not know today. The words “If the baby is delivered tonight we will have to take him to another hospital for high risk deliveries and you will have to stay here for observation”! Words I will never forget! The irony in my story is Luke was born on his due date after weeks and weeks of bed rest! I know delivering on your due date is a remote possibility but keep positive as it will all be worth it! I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to hearing good news in the future from Tracy and Nathan! 🙂 Jen Tingley


    • Jen, thank you so much for the encouraging note. You may have heard Rawley was born at 28 weeks, 6 days. He is doing remarkably well but is still in the NICU now – going on his 4th week there. We look forward to having him home soon! Thanks again for reaching out. Holly (and Nathan)


  37. lidbeckfour says:

    Holly- I had no idea any of this was going on. I got off FB back in Dec and am apparently out of the loop. My husband and I will be praying for you three daily from here on out.


  38. Erin mcdonald says:

    Thinking of you and the baby in my prayers.! And don’t worry about the dog- he will forgive u once you bring home a beautiful baby for him to grow up with!
    All our best ,
    Dave and erin


  39. Amy Ciulla says:

    Good luck and I am sending you lots of positive thoughts!!!!!! You are a trooper and I hope that little one stays in there a little longer. Wishing you a safe and happy delivery and a very healthy baby!!!!!!! Take care!


  40. says:

    I am a good friend of courtney Barth and maintain a website called I would love to post this inspiring story. Would you mind? If you’re agreeable, could you please send a version I can upload by email to


  41. nancy porter says:

    Hi Holly!
    Ruth is a longtime friend of mine, in fact she was my daughter’s girl scout leader. My story is not quite as scary as yours, but it took place 25 years ago, before surfactin and so many NICU advances. My daughter tried to make her arrival at 25 weeks, then 27 and finally at 29 could wait no longer. Despite the 3 holes she blew in her lungs with her first breath after her C section, and weighing all of 3 # 15 oz with her monitors & wires on, she thrived. That first night, none of the doctors thought she would make it till the morning. But God had other plans & once I saw her a peace came over me and I knew she would be all right. And while she doe have asthma/COPD, she grew up to be a pint sized (4’11”) college level pole vaulter,an adrenili junkie, backpacker, nature photographer, a scholar and all around great person. She is unerringly stubborn, but her docs reminded me early on, that and alot of prayers are why is is alive today.

    So with all the advances, and all the prayers, if you two can hang on a little longer, the sky’s the limit. Our prayers and hopes are with you, that your outcome will be even better.


  42. Hi Holly, I only met you at one SMUG meeting but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a Baker’s Learning Center early this year. I will be praying for you and yours and just know that it will all be ok.

    All the best to you.

    Colleen Brown


  43. Marisa Salt says:

    Hi Holly,
    Keep your attitude positive, its everything and that little girl can sense it. I knew you told me that you wanted to come back to Phoenix to have Dr. johnstone deliver the baby but I guess there were other plans. I hope it continues to go well.
    Take Care,


  44. Rick Cotter says:

    God bless you and your WHOLE FAMILY.. You and your family are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. At times..We find ourselves broken .. And questioning .. BUT NEVER DOUBT THE LOVE AND CALLING OF GOD… Phil. 1:6


  45. Cheryl Rinehart says:

    Holly, Mary Catherine Moffett, my daughter, posted your blog on her fb page. I am touched with tears as I type this and send prayers to all of you for a healthy, safe delivery and healthy baby. You will be in my prayers daily. Cheryl Rinehart


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