Mark, Kelly, Mia, Aubry, and Michael (Family Portraits)

Everything about my session with this gorgeous family made for the perfect Western theme – we had horses, boots, Saguaros, covered wagons, mountains, jeans, and mesquite trees! Mark, Kelly, and their children Mia, Aubry, and Michael, used to live next door to my parents in Phoenix, and they became good friends to our entire family. They were the kind of neighbors to my parents that are rare today; the kind that know your names and let you borrow a cup of milk. 

My whole family was bummed when they moved to historic Cave Creek a few years ago, especially my niece Hannah, who played with Mia and Aubry whenever she was at Grandma and Papa’s house (she called them MeeAubry, one word). In my mind, Mark and Kelly’s kids froze in time at that point (isn’t it funny how that happens? I must be getting old) so I still think of them as being tiny, but here they are, all grown up and gorgeous! 

Living in Cave Creek means enjoying bountiful desert wildlife – quail, javelinas, roadrunners, jackrabbits. And, even better, Mark and Kelly now own the two miniature horses shown above. How fun is that? (BTW this was a definite first for me…a family portrait with horses! Horses don’t exactly “pose” – they’d much rather eat grass.) And as an added bonus, one of their neighbors has a covered-wagon collection in his front yard, and he let us get some shots in front of them (below right). 
People that aren’t familiar with desert terrain usually think of it as a dust bowl, a waste land with no color, and tumbleweeds blowing everywhere. But in reality the desert bursts with color, especially this time of year – blues, purples, oranges, greens, reds…and don’t get me started on the sunsets! 

On the morning of our portrait session, we were graced with a gorgeous stormy sky that made the colors more vibrant. It was a little chilly though, so the girls wrapped up in their Snuggies for a photo. Michael preferred his doctor’s lab coat. 🙂

Michael is HILARIOUS and was such a hoot to photograph!

In fact, they all were! The girls were really working it for the camera, true models in the making. And check out Michael doing his Elvis impression.

The girls are so sweet together. 🙂

The boots the ladies wore demanded a starring role in a few photos.  

Kelly and Mark are both originally from Michigan, and Mark is a BIG Detroit Tigers fan. Somehow, he got his hands on these two chairs from the original Tiger Stadium! Isn’t that so cool? I knew we had to get some shots of them in those chairs.

Mark and Kelly are probably one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever photographed together. They didn’t need any direction, at all. I just snapped away while they cuddled, kissed, gazed at each other, and in general, looked gorgeous. Seriously, Kelly, you are just beautiful! Your children are so blessed to be raised in a home with so much love. 

Mark was a great assistant – he had all these great ideas, like “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” above left. 🙂 And I loved the white shirts Kelly picked; sometimes white isn’t the best choice, but in this case, with the backgrounds we used, the color in the desert, and the cloudy sky, it was the perfect recipe for beautiful contrast. 

I had so, so much fun during this session! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help capture this fleeting time. Next thing I know, the girls will be in high school and Michael will be too cool to do his Elvis dance. My hope is that you’ll look back on this day and cherish the memories and the images we made together. 

Consider me a regular Girl Scout Cookie customer. Go Tigers!?

Hope to see you again soon!


P.S.  Watch their slideshow!


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