Amy and Ryan

Saturday night was a big night for Holly Baumann Photography: our first Lifestyle Photography session in Oklahoma City, and the first time I and Nathan shot a Lifestyle session as a photographer team! You may remember Amy & Ryan from a previous post about our move to OKC; these two have a very very special place in my heart along with other special people and recent clients like the the Kaus, Barths, and Keeblers. We met at their house, which is a mere mile from ours! (Hurray!) Amy and Ryan were already planning to be all gussied up for an art show later that evening, so we took advantage of the style-ishness and scheduled their shoot just before they left. 

We started in their backyard to get some family shots with their Labradoodle, Siggy. Sig absolutely LOVES his daddy, and he’s a classic will-fetch-a-stick dog! (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog actually do that!)

Nathan captured this next sweet little family moment. 

Amy & Ryan were a little nervous during the shoot – they claim they are awkward…to which I say WHAT.EV.ER. Look at the love and gorgeousness just oozing from these photos. 


We spent some time inside in a room in their house that their friends have deemed the “surgical room” because it’s all white and bright and pristine…and makes for some amazing photography. I was in heaven. (Sidebar: They recently had to rebuild the room due to the Armageddon-like hail storm in Oklahoma City earlier this year. If you don’t know what I mean, click on that link…craziness!)

Nathan got this next shot, still in the surgical room, which is my favorite of the entire day! (Tone it down, babe, you’ll start making me look bad…) There’s just something about the composition and the genuine expressions. Oh, and the fact that they both look like movie stars. Processed in grainy B&W makes the image even better…

This is my second favorite, by yours truly. Amy and Ryan are so stinkin’ stylish. Doesn’t this look like a magazine ad or something?

We wrapped in the surgical ward and went out in the front yard to get some shots in the warm sunset light. En route, Ryan was inspired to transform a little baby tree in their front yard into a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. We were all cracking up, but how cute did it make this photo?

We took a little break until after dark at this point, so we could get some shots in front of Oklahoma City’s most amazing Christmas light display. I arrived before Amy and Ryan so I could get all set up, so they didn’t have to stand around getting Rudolph noses while I figured stuff out. After experimenting with different camera/lens/setting combinations, I settled on my 50mm prime, D700, with SB900 flash on camera and battery pack for quicker recycle time (ISO 400, f/1.4, 1/200, flash at 1/4 at about 80 degrees). The 50mm lens was perfect for the look we wanted, since it has such gorgeous bokeh. 

Shooting under difficult conditions like this highlights the need to 1) arrive on location before your clients and 2) know your gear and techniques really well so you don’t get frostbite on your hands and annoy your subjects. This former Phoenix photog has never shot in freezing temps and gusty conditions before – but we rocked it! Amy and Ryan were off to their art show in a matter of minutes… Happy clients, awesome photos, that’s how we roll! Thanks Amy and Ryan for the honor!

Who’s next in OKC?

– HBA (and Nathan)
Go team!

P.S. Watch their slideshow!


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I am Holly Baumann Ambuehl, founding member of Mosaic Collective, LLC, which was founded in early 2017 and is based in Central Illinois. I own and operate Mosaic Collective with my partner in business and life, my husband, Nathan. Mosaic Collective, LLC houses our rental property, my consulting contracts (with the nonprofit and public sectors on various work), and also my commercial and portrait photography business, which has been doing business as Holly Baumann Photography since 2008 long before the formation of our LLC. My blog posts feature client work, but I just love to write, so I also write about owning a business, food and drink, travel, and sometimes, my personal life! I am always honored when clients trust me to capture their vision, and equally so when my readers converse with me about what I've photographed or expressed here. I hope we'll have an opportunity to collaborate professionally and/or become friends. I'd love to hear what you think! - Holly
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  1. kate bolt says:

    >I love this! Great lighting and composition! Amy and Ryan are too cute.


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