On Election Day, 3 Campaign Shoots and 1 Thank You

Happy Election Day! Did you vote yet? 🙂

To commemorate Election Day 2010, I wanted to share some of my favorite work from this campaign cycle with you. In addition to HBP, I serve as a policy advisor in the AZ House of Representatives to the Democratic Caucus. My career in public policy began in Massachusetts when I was in grad school, and through my public policy jobs, I’ve been able to get some really fun, challenging photography gigs. As the 2010 election approached, I had several opportunities to explore campaign photography. 

David Lujan, Democratic Candidate for Arizona Attorney General
The Lujan campaign for Attorney General hired HBP for several shoots for images to use on Rep. Lujan’s website and campaign mailers. While his primary run did not result in his name appearing on the Arizona General Election ballot, he’s been the definition of a good sport, working tirelessly on behalf of his former opponent and other candidates ever since. I know he will go on to do great things in this next year and I am looking forward to hearing about it. 

In 2009-2010, Mr. Lujan served as Minority Leader of the Arizona House of Representatives, alongside Assistant Minority Leader Kyrsten Sinema and Whip Chad Campbell (see below). The three made a formidable team, having remarkable ying-yang qualities. I learned so much from observing them in action. Each used their strengths well, and each allowed the others to be who they are. Rep. Lujan is a man of quiet strength; the kind that people listen to when he speaks up, because he chooses his words carefully. 

Chad Campbell, Candidate for AZ House of Repesentatives
In 2009-2010, Rep. Campbell served as House Minority Whip with Mr. Lujan. Being an effective Whip requires a certain patience, charisma, and ability to play well with others – regardless of their political persuasion. This role suited Rep. Campbell well since he has those qualities in spades. 

In the 2001-2012 session, after securing his district’s seat again in the General Election today, he’s slated to be House Minority Leader. Given the political climate and challenges facing AZ will be a very tough job, but I have no doubt he will rise to the occasion. Chad’s website features other photos from our session

Kyrsten Sinema, Candidate for AZ State Senate
Rep. Sinema is crossing over to the Senate for the 2011-2012 legislature. The photo below appears on her campaign website; I took it during one of the SB1070 protests this spring. 

In my job at the House the past two years, I’ve worked very closely with her because I staffed the Appropriations Committee, on which she served. The Appropriations Committee is the committee through which budget bills pass; Sinema was the ranking Appropriations member for the Democrats (meaning she’s the most tenured), and I was the staff lead on the budget. (Appropriations meetings consisted of a nearly constant stream of communication between her and myself via email.) 

I also worked closely with her as the staff lead on health care policy; she was designated as a member of the White House Health Care Task Force. We’ve spent many hours both independently, together, and with stakeholders to understand and implement federal health reform – and I am relatively sure she knows more about the new law than anyone else in the state. 

Working with Rep. Sinema has been one of the pleasures of my career; she is one of the smartest, fastest thinkers I’ve ever encountered. I’ll miss working with her; no doubt, she’ll become a household name eventually – at least in Arizona. You will see more of her in another, higher office, I am quite sure.

Dana Marie Kennedy, 2009 Phoenix City Council Candidate
Last year, Dana ran a brilliant grassroots City Council campaign, nearly unseating the incumbent in a runoff election. We met to get some fun shots of her around her home near South Mountain. She made my job easy – so gorgeous, despite the 100+ degree heat that day! The photos appeared in her mailers and on her website.

William Moree Campaign Images
Last but not least, I wanted to thank Bill Moree. Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to watch Bill, who is a seasoned campaign and political photographer, in action. This man has photographed the likes of Hillary Clinton, so it was a real honor! Bill was in Arizona to photograph some of the Democratic candidates in the 2010 Election, including Eric Meyer. I was able to observe him in action while he was shooting at Rep. Meyer’s home in Paradise Valley. Some photographers would have been annoyed to have another photographer lurking over their shoulder, but Bill was beyond generous with me, sharing stories, financial business tips, gear advice, technical information…I learned so much from him, and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet him and see him work. Thanks, Bill. If you ever need a second shooter, let me know! 😉

Campaign photography is a fun niche and I am so happy I was able to add these shoots to my portfolio. Thanks to the candidates for allowing me to participate! You have my respect and I wish you the best in your next steps. 

Remember to exercise your democratic powers today, everyone!



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