Portland Weekend

Earlier this fall, Nathan and I spent a fast weekend in Portland, Oregon. WE. LOVED. IT. I haven’t been there since high school, and I forgot what an AMAZING city it is. No trip there is complete without great coffee, and great coffee we had. Stumptown Coffee actually has a TASTING room! Think wine tastings, except, with coffee! In that space, they only sell beans and offer tastes; you can’t, for example, order a latte. Nathan wants to buy a roaster and start roasting a selling beans, so he talked to the staff of this tasting room for like 45 minutes…while I took fun photos.

They sell one bean that is $75 per pound! It rare and apparently, amazing. (We didn’t buy any, though. Maybe some other time. :))

Of course, in the Portland area, you also must road trip it through the gorge to see the waterfalls:

And Mount Hood, where you can ski all year! We were there in August, and people were carting around snowboards. Oh, and we were FREEZING! Totally unprepared. 

Here’s one of me and Nathan trying to stay warm!

Our hosts for the weekend were Melissa and Mike. Melissa went to college with me, and it was soooo good to see her!  It’s been years. She and Mike are one of those adorable, blissful couples. And as is typical, they cannot imagine living anywhere but Portland. 🙂

The mountains there are home to some amazing trees.

Our visit coincided with the local Italian festival, and it was a blast. There was frantic basil chopping for long Margherita pizza lines.

And, of COURSE, a serious grape stomping contest!

We had a fabulous time…thanks Melissa and Mike! Hope to see you there again soon…HBA


About Mosaic Collective, LLC

I am Holly Baumann Ambuehl, founding member of Mosaic Collective, LLC, which was founded in early 2017 and is based in Central Illinois. I own and operate Mosaic Collective with my partner in business and life, my husband, Nathan. Mosaic Collective, LLC houses our rental property, my consulting contracts (with the nonprofit and public sectors on various work), and also my commercial and portrait photography business, which has been doing business as Holly Baumann Photography since 2008 long before the formation of our LLC. My blog posts feature client work, but I just love to write, so I also write about owning a business, food and drink, travel, and sometimes, my personal life! I am always honored when clients trust me to capture their vision, and equally so when my readers converse with me about what I've photographed or expressed here. I hope we'll have an opportunity to collaborate professionally and/or become friends. I'd love to hear what you think! - Holly
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