Famous (and Semi-Famous) People I’ve Met

Lately I’ve been working hard on cataloguing my archives and migrating my portfolio to external hard drives (yep, being a photographer is sooooo exciting at every minute!). In this process I keep stumbling across really fun and **old** photos, and I thought I’d share some for kicks. As you can see, it’s a tangled web of connections! (I have not yet met Kevin Bacon. If I had, this post would be so much better. I need to work on that.) Some of these are crappy images from my earliest days, and some weren’t taken by me (like the ones with me in them). Enjoy anyway!

Patty Griffin
I am a huge Patty fan. I went to Austin City Limits in 2008 with my cousin Kevin, his girlfriend Fleur, and her brother David (that’s them, below). Despite the fact that there were like 8,000 amazing musicians at this festival, the main draw for me was Patty! My life is now complete. When we met her after the show, I managed to restrain myself from kissing her feet.

And I forgave her for not playing what was then my absolute favorite-song. (Sigh.) If you don’t know her music, you gotta check it out! Seriously. BTW, please forgive the sweatiness in this photo; if you ever go to ACL you will understand. The park becomes a dust bowl and it’s hooottttt.

Joe Pesci
That same cousin Kevin hosts the Hack ‘n Smack golf tournament in LA to raise money for melanoma research (which you may remember from the My-Life-In-Cigars post). Joe typically participates – and honestly, he’s not the nicest guy I’ve ever met. But I did share a dinner table with him and that places him on my Famous People resume. 

Kevin Weisman
I once got so into watching Alias that I barely left the house for a month. I want to be Syndney Bristowe! I met Kevin at the same golf tournament where I met Joe Pesci. His character on Alias was  hil-ari-i-ous.

Hillary Clinton

I am pretty sure you all already know who this person is, but what you might not know is that she’s tinytinytiny in person. I met her in DC in 2007 when I worked at SARRCThis was in 2007, when she was still a New York Senator. She had a press conference to announce an autism bill she was sponsoring.

I went to DC to lobby for Senator Clinton’s bill with enormously successful fundraisers and dedicated parents Lynn and Neil Balter, who are with Secretary Clinton in this photo. 

(Former) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
I met the Speaker while shooting an event for Emerge Arizona. Speaker Pelosi helped found Emerge across the country. She’s even tinier in person than Secretary Clinton.

She was very friendly, inspiring, and sincere at this event, and just hung out with the small crowd for a while. Her daughter and granddaughter joined us; they live here in the Phoenix area. She also had other young admirers:

Speaker Pelosi broke a significant historical barrier for all women, even those that disagree with her positions. It was truly an honor to meet someone that my children will read about in history books. 

Dana Marie Kennedy

After the Pelosi Event, Dana was so inspired, she decided to run for Phoenix City Council. I did all of her campaign photography

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Terry Goddard
Goddard was at the same event with Nancy Pelosi mentioned above. The Goddard name is familiar to most Arizonans; his father was a former Governor, and when I was young, the Terry was the Mayor of Phoenix. He served as Arizona’s Attorney General and was a candidate for Governor in 2010. With us in this photo is Greg Stanton, who is currently the Assistant AG and a friend of mine, as well as Tory Anderson, who is a friend, former co-worker, and client! Greg is now running for Phoenix City Mayor, and used one of my images in his campaign materials.

(Former) Speaker of the AZ House of Representatives, Kirk Adams
This photo was taken at a retirement party for State Representative Jack Brown. The men pictured are, from left, Minority Leader Chad Campbell (also a former client), Assistant Attorney General Greg Stanton (also in the photo above), and Speaker Adams. While all three rarely come down on the same side of issues; this moment of genuine warmth shows the humanity of our elected officials – even those that typically disagree with one another. It also shows the character of Jack Brown, who they were there to honor – Rep. Brown is the type that brings people together.

This photo has a similar tone…and is also one of my favorites and from the same event. These are state Representatives Phil Lopes (D), who is retiring from the legislature this year, and Doug Quelland (R), who recently lost his seat due to campaign finance violations and who has the most famous moustache in AZ, and Bill Konopnicki, who moves to the Senate after the 2010 elections (R). 

Hugh Downs
High lives in Arizona and I met him at an event at ASU in 2008 that I attended on behalf of Children’s Action Alliance (I used to work there; I covered health policy for them). He is like the nicest, funniest guy ever!

City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon
The Mayor spoke briefly at an event I’ve covered for Children’s Action Alliance since 2008. This one is back in my film days. I love this image because of the general silliness! By now Terry Goddard and Greg Stanton’s faces should be familiar to you. 🙂 This image was published in the Yellow Sheet Reports.

Mayor Gordon also appeared with Shakira at the Capital for the SB1070 protest (see below), and I got this image of him leaving the stage before they drove Shakira back to the airport.

When she heard about SB1070, Shakira decided to lend her support. She arrived with Mayor Gordon, and spoke to the enormous crowd (most of whom I suspect were enticed to attend by the presence of Shakira more than anything else!) briefly, flanked by state elected officials that oppose the legislation. 

I was not allowed onstage but security helped position me right in front of the stage, where I had the perrrrfect vantage point to get this shot of her fabulous shoes:

Kyrsten Sinema
Known for good shoes, like Shakira, and also good dresses, Rep. Sinema is goin’ places! But for now she’s serving in the AZ Senate. Her 2010 campaign website displays this photo of her, which I took on the same day as the Shakira event:

David Lujan
Rep. Lujan worked with Kyrsten Sinema when he served as House Minority Leader. He ran for Attorney General in 2010 and I did all of his campaign photography.

Jim Pederson
The first campaign photography I ever did – from my film archives. This image appeared on his website when Mr. Pederson ran for the US Senate in 2006.  

Ted Kennedy
When I lived in MA in 2002-2004 I had the opportunity to hear Ted speak at the JFK Library and shake his hand, which was a really amazing moment for me. Ted is an absolute hero to many in MA.

And, that’s all for now. What famous people have you met? Do any of you have stories about the people above? I’d love to hear your comments below!



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